Nature-based solutions through restoration for meeting global emissions targets

The Compassionate Difference - The Rejesha Principles

Compassionate Carbon approaches landscape restoration projects with two primary objectives: Holistic Restoration and Direct Partnership. We design our projects to generate substantive benefits for the local community, regional biodiversity, and global climate. Secondly, we implement our projects directly with the local communities who depend on the resources being restored.

Six essential principles for holistic restoration
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Compassionate Carbon is a full-service Carbon Project Development Company coordinating custom solutions for your targeted outcomes

Philanthropic  Reforestation

Engage immediately in global reforestation through any one of Eden's countries of operation.

Nature-Based Solutions  Advising

Consultation and direction on best practices and pathways in natural climate solutions, reforestation, or avoided conversion

Emissions Quantification &  Trading

Measure your carbon impact through quantification or secure verified carbon credits to apply against your emissions.

Paris Agreement  Commitments

Providing sovereign states with nature based solutions to meet their global emissions targets.

The economics of hope

Investing in Carbon Projects is an investment in the lives of people. The impact is both global and personal.
Join us in our mission to alleviate poverty using nature-based solutions.
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