Client Criteria

The key to a successful project outcome is having clarity from the start. Compassionate Carbon (CC) will begin by defining the scope of work, including all parties involved, site-specific needs, and outcomes.

Site Criteria

Project feasibility is the first major step in assessing a potential carbon project. CC will conduct a feasibility assessment to understand better the project's full benefits, including costs and co-benefits (ecological, socioeconomic, and carbon mitigation), based on extensive fieldwork and direct consultations with local stakeholders and community leaders.

Plan Design Development

Feasibility data from the site, an assessment of the drivers of deforestation along with information provided by the community, are developed into a site-specific plan and submitted to a Standards organization for validation as a Carbon Project.

Project Implementation

Once a plan is validated by the Standard it becomes a project ready for implementation. This begins with establishing leadership, infrastructure, and monitoring systems needed for the restoration work through planting.

Project Verification

When restoration has reached its first completion milestone, the project is audited by a third-party according to the Standards methodology. This verification process provides the first of several progressive credit issuances from the project.

Project Preservation

Ensuring long-term sustainability of restored landscapes is essential for our projects. During the restoration process and following its completion, the forest/landscape must be protected and preserved over the subsequent decades to ensure it continues to provide a lifetime of sequestration.